2013 Legislative Session

MediFund Appreciation Luncheon
hosted by GNO,Inc., BRAC, and NLEP
Celebrating the passage of HB 549, the MediFund bill, signed into law as 
Act 320.
The bill author, Rep. Walt Leger is featured in the center. 


The Bossier Chamber of Commerce through its Government Chamber Committee and Board of Directors have reviewed the 2013 Legislation that relates to business in Northwest Louisiana. Below you will find a link to the full Legislative Agenda approved by the Board of Directors. 

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Common Core

Bossier Chamber joins business and education organizations around the state to show support for Common Core 

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LegisGator 2013

Congratulations to Representatives Reynolds & Burns who both received the 2013 Legisgator Award & to Senator Adley who received the Legisgator of the Year from the SW Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.